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Brakes, wheels, suspension and full accessories

In each car, the Mazda brand cars soon wear out the brakes, wheels and suspension components. This is for this reason that they are exposed to the greatest loads and damages arising from the frequent use of a vehicle and improper state of the roads. In our shop you can buy in all of the above products, designed for installation in cars Mazda 3, 5 and 6 of the vintage 2002-2012.

We offer the best quality wheels of different sizes and spacings. These products are made of aluminium or steel and sold in sets. In our product catalogue you will find the spare wheels, nuts, hub, bearings and tires with deep tread that will withstand a few seasons. Proposed by our company used auto parts is also the brakes, or pads, discs, brake master cylinders, brake cables from the manual and clamps.

These are products that determine the efficiency of the braking system, and thus about our safety on the road. Only original articles ensures short braking distances, while navigating the slippery conditions, in our shop you can buy just the parts. We have several kinds of them, each of which is matched to a particular car model. What's more, fit in different price ranges, so each customer can buy those that suit his needs.

Our product range also includes the suspension and its components. There are, among others, control arms, bushings, shock absorbers, suspension sub frames, ABS pump, stabilizer bars, clutch, wheel arches, lower and upper suspension.
Mazda 2 DJ 2015>Mazda 2 DJ 2015>
Mazda 2 MK2 2007-2012Mazda 2 MK2 2007-2012
Mazda 3 MK1 2004-2008Mazda 3 MK1 2004-2008
Mazda 3 Mk2 2009-2013Mazda 3 Mk2 2009-2013
Mazda 3 MK3 2013-2016Mazda 3 MK3 2013-2016
Mazda 5 mk1 2005-2008Mazda 5 mk1 2005-2008
Mazda 6 MK1 2002-2007Mazda 6 MK1 2002-2007
Mazda 6 MK2 2008-2012Mazda 6 MK2 2008-2012
Mazda 6 MK3 2012-2015Mazda 6 MK3 2012-2015

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About Us

We specialize in a whole variety of New, Used and Reconditioned parts for Mazda 2, 3, 5, 6, CX7 and many more.

We have a wide selection of parts in stock, always at the best prices and sent using an express delivery service.

Should you not find what you are looking for or are unsure of the name of the part that you need then please give our friendly team a call.

Customised Leather Gear Knobs and Steering Wheels.

Seat Repair on the Mk2 Mazda 6

Air Conditioning Recharge

Solutions to your AdBlue issues

Solutions to your DPF issues

Service and MOT your car with us.