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DPF solutions - removal and regeneration performed by Mazda Specialist

One of the services our company offers is to solve problems with a particulate filter, which appear in cars equipped with a diesel engine. Our qualified staff are able to offer several solutions, from which the customer can choose the most appropriate ones. The aim of our activities includes also includes a PDF regeneration, which means a ruined part will once again be working, like new. Repairs include replacements of a temperature sensor and lambda sensor that have a role to measure the amounts of oxygen content in exhaust gasses that are produced during operation of the engine. The above-mentioned used car parts can also be purchased on our online store at great prices, later replacing them yourselves.

Moreover, we suggest our customers to remove the DPF completely, as long as it’s lifespan is over, it will certainly make the engine work properly again, increase its power, the turbocharger certainly works better and fuel consumption returns to normal. Dismantling this section is a completely safe procedure and does not adversely affect the continued use of the vehicle. When it comes to another PDF solutions, we are recommending the cleaning of the old filter and re-installing it on the spot. The service is carried out very efficiently, using modern equipment. It is worth noting that the removal of accumulated dust and dirt of this item should be carried out regularly, because only then, the engine of the vehicle will operate reliably for many years.
Complete DPF REMOVAL Service for Mazda 5, 6 SpecialistComplete DPF REMOVAL Service for Mazda 5, 6 Specialist
Diesel Particulate Filter DPF Regeneration Regen Service Mazda 6,5 SpecialistDiesel Particulate Filter DPF Regeneration Regen Service Mazda 6,5 Specialist
Service your Mazda 3,5,6 or MPV with us and get a free Healthcheck *Diesel/Petrol*Service your Mazda 3,5,6 or MPV with us and get a free Healthcheck *Diesel/Petrol*

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